All Wait, No What? The Skip Week's Skip Week

 photo 5E3A629E-A54B-4884-98E6-1460BC90AC28-8923-000010541BE34CED_zps4e7b381d.jpgUnrelated to this post -- I just included it because it makes me happy every time I see it.

Hey, everyone:  Jeff here with a very big apology for everyone.  Last week, as per our schedule, Graeme and I talked comics for two hours.

Unfortunately, the person who was responsible for recording us did not manage to push the little button that *records* our conversations.  (That person will go unnamed...but only because it was me.  If it'd been Graeme, I would've given him up in a heartbeat.)

I thought about giving you a rough version of the show notes anyway, based on what I remembered (and I would've tried to be oh-so-clever and called them "show nots") but I feel like that wouldn't have been especially helpful.   So I decided to just leave it be.

On the up side, we usually get an extra-great essay from John Kane on our skip weeks, so maybe this will trick him into writing something else for the site this week?  And maybe when Graeme and I speak next week, not only will I hit record but I'll try and mix it on the fly and get it super-early.

Anyhoo, our deepest apologies (by which I mean my deepest apologies, but once again I'm trying to drag Graeme into this even though he is entirely blameless) and thank you for your considerable patience!

Wait, Wait, Wait, Noooo! Or: A Humble Apology

technical difficulties photo 9f042.jpg Hello, Whatnauts!  As you can perhaps glean from the title of the post and the image and/or the tag, and/or the tracks of my tears, there won't be a podcast this week due to the most heinous of failures--hard drive failure.  I tried to back up my external hard drive *for the first time ever* after recording what was a truly great podcast with Graeme.

Believe me, when I tell you: it was quite a thing.  Part of it was the fact we took some controversial stands.  We compared Sandman: Overture to Pretty Deadly, with Pretty Deadly being preferred in some matters.  We talked about the Fantagraphics Kickstarter -- about which I was especially vexed -- and I think finally nailed our discomfort with crowdfunding.

Since it was November and I was letting myself read Marvel books from the library, we discussed the oddness that is Guardians of Galaxy: The Power of Starhawk, with much bending of the knee at the work of Mr. Steve Gerber an an analysis of how aspects of the work are oddly prescient about fan culture today.  Graeme, who'd actually read a lot of books in prep (including a ton of Green Hornet issues we never got around to discussing), listened to me rave about Akira Toriyama's Cowa!, Four Color Fear, and other titles.  We discussed DC's move to New York; Marvel's TV four-fer with Netflix; Jeph Loeb: Threat or Menace? with regards to the TV shows he's worked on; and there was a long discussion of the beautifully written, gorgeously drawn Bad Houses by Sara Ryan and Carla Speed McNeil that Jeff both loved and had a lot of things to wring his hands over.  And Graeme and I had a fight about Supergirl statues and DC promotional DVDs that was both heated and hilarious.

In short, it was a pretty darn good podcast that I am going insist--for now and forevermore--was out very, very best podcast and now it is lost to us forever.  It's like Hemingway's Suitcase, except I also lost what would've been the entirety of the Wait, What podcast if they weren't all uploaded to our server.  As it is, the chance of me putting together a mega-edit of Graeme saying "Spectacular!" are even closer to zero than they were before.

So I am sorry, listeners -- we did our duty and tech failed us.  Maybe one day we can do a Kickstarter to get the data recovered -- the estimate I got from this one service was that it would cost between $500 and $1400 -- but for now all we can do is apologize.  (And in my case, buy a new hard drive.  And rebuild my iTunes music library (which may not be that hard since I have iTunes Match, maybe?)

We will record this week so there will be an ep next week...unless something goes desperately wrong AGAIN.

As always, thank you for your patience in these matters, and Graeme and I hope you are doing well.

All Wait, No What? The Not-Very-Well-Announced Skip Week

 photo 1448bc86-c838-4d9c-bdbe-eaa89806765c_zpse6b63d05.jpgImage unrelated to excuse; I just love Toriyama's art is all. From Jaco The Galactic Patrolman.

Yeah, I wish I had something a little more to add here case you missed the buried-in-the-show-notes announcement, we are off this week. We will be back next week (at least so I'm inclined to believe) and then probably the week after that, and then almost assuredly taking the week after that off. Travel broadens the mind, but narrows the calendar.

Anyway, we hope your ears have a relaxing week, and we look forward to checking back in with you again soon.

No, What?: The Accidental Skip Week (Again?)

 photo a7b62c68-bc7f-487c-8f10-3a7aefe28e56_zpsc44b3a38.jpgFrom Mad #1. Not really on-point...or is it?

Hey, everyone!  For those wondering where this week's podcast might be, I regret to inform you it will not be happening this week.  Good ol' Graeme McMillan was game to record, despite being wiped out post-SDCC, but I unfortunately had decided to undertake a money-making scheme in my free time that ended up requiring a lot more attention and effort than I had planned.  (Who knew you had to sell so many issues of GRIT in order to get that bicycle?)

Anyway, we really will be recording this week, honest, which means we really will be posting a podcast next Tuesday but we do apologize for yet another delay.

See you next week!


Comicon, Comicoff: No Wait, What? This Week....

2001_kirby photo 2001_kirby.jpg Howdy, true believers!  Those of you who heard our last podcast might've heard Graeme and I planning on talking Sunday to give you another up-to-the-date moment of podcasting action!

That...never happened.  Unsurprisingly, Graeme was wayyyyy too busy being besieged for us to figure out a time to talk.  So although we wanted to give you two bite-size of-the-moment podcasts, you'll have to settle for just the one.  Unless something happens otherwise, we should be talking this Thursday so watch this space next Tuesday for another installment of indefatigable blabbity-blab!

No Wait, What?, Ep. 129: Co-Dependent's Day

 photo null_zps570ee62a.jpgMy recent 'winnings'

Howdy, everyone!  This is one of those "podcast notes to let you know there is no podcast" notes.  Between Graeme being busy with his new gig, and me coming home in a barrel held aloft by cheap suspenders after my vacation,  and with the Fourth of July landing right on our usual podcast time, we decided in the interest of, um, sanity, I guess, to inflict another skip week upon you.

And, as long as I'm bringer of bad news that we won't be podcasting during the week of SDCC because one of us (who is not me) will be covering The Nerd Wars, and one of us (who is me) will be hiding in a corner whimpering, dealing with the resulting PTSD from getting caught in the Lego exclusive toy line.

Anyway, there is lots of content on the site at the moment, and there is always our archive, which if you can access via the RSS feed, will give you access to *187* installments of Graeme and I sadly shaking our heads at one another.

To sum up:  sorry for the delay, sorry for taking up the space, and sorry I kept thinking that damn slot machine was just about to pay off.  Really, truly sorry.

As always, thanks for your patience and we'll see you next week!

All Wait, No What: The Accidental Skip Week

 photo 0582b9c7-ea77-456b-9663-1ba1a5afeab9_zpsd7f7399b.jpg(A modified version of the Kate's Special Waffle, created here in San Francisco by yours truly: liege waffle, fried egg, toasted sunflower seeds, pickled peppers, and finishing salt. Very, very good.)

Uhhh, ooops.

This actually was not supposed to be a skip week. The plan was to have a big batch of books read and have Graeme and I dive right back in to our devil-may-care recording ways, but some family stuff came up for me last week and it just didn't look like it was going to come together.

We are really, really sorry, especially as we'll get only one recording session under our belt just before *another* skip week as Graeme goes on vacation. Yes, this is less the Golden Age of "Wait, What?: The Podcast" and more like the Golden Age of "Wait, What? We have a podcast?" We promise we shall make it up to you with a double-helping of pointless lists and misunderstanding manga genres! (Well, we promise to try, anyway.)

On behalf of Graeme and myself (but especially me since it's my fault), our apologies!

Wait, No. (Podcast, Interrupted)

2001_kirby Hey, everyone--some bad news: because Graeme was struck with food poisoning, we did not record last week...which means no podcast this week.  But, barring further catastrophe, we will be recording this week...which means you'll have another podcast in your hands next week.  Sorry?

But, hey, I'm sure you'll find lots of stuff to do in the meantime.  I mean, it's the Internet, right?  I mean, if you haven't checked it out, I would point you to Abhay's recently completed epic: Insensitive Veterinarians? Or, I dunno, I'm a little bit behind on it, but holy god is Tom Scioli going to some truly insane places with Satan's Soldier. That's like...if a comic line had spun off from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Strikes Again?  It's just...amazing stuff.

But, again: you'll figure something out.  I'm sure some of you haven't quite caught up with all 100+ eps. of Wait, What?'s a chance to do so in a leisurely manner.

Sorry we weren't there for you this week, Whatnauts, and as always, we thank you for listening!