The Ultimate Graphic Novel Experience... For Kids!

Comics are going through an incredible renaissance at the moment, with more astonishing tales being produced than the average person could possibly hope to keep up on. One of the most explosive areas of growth is comics and graphic novels aimed at kids.

Kids love comics and graphic novels-- our nearly three decades of running a comic book store can attest to that. But parents usually don’t know how or where to start. Parents want books that they can trust, so they usually fall back upon the same few characters and licenses that they see in other media, not knowing or having the time to figure out which are the truly special and thoughtful books with a passionate creative vision. And that's understandable! How can you have time to stay up on children’s literature when you barely have time to stay current with your own likes?

That’s where Comix Experience comes in -– we eat, live and breathe comics and graphic novels, and while we’re mostly adults, we’re all kids at heart. Similar to our  Graphic Novel of the Month Club, we've introduced the Kids' Graphic Novel of the Month Club to help put the best graphic novels for kids in your child's hand every month.

Each and every month, we send your favorite kid an amazing, compelling self-contained graphic novel that’s going to light their mind up and leave them wanting more! Each pick is a newly released book that month, so you don’t have to worry about them already having it. And each pick is suitable for a typical middle reader 9+ year old.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to a great graphic novel they also get

  • Access to a monthly live-streamed book club meeting where kids from all over the country discuss the graphic novel they’ve just read. Click here to see videos of past meetings that are archived at the bottom of our event page.

  • Whenever possible, we have the writer and artist of the book involved in the video meeting, there to answer your kid’s questions. And when we have the authors actually in-store, we have a special club-only mixer for your kids to meet.

  • We have an invite-only and moderated message group where kids can write their own reviews of the books we send, and talk about it amongst themselves. Every kid who writes 10 reviews earns a free book!

  • We also offer cool swag for the book, like posters and bookmarks, whenever available!

The whole thing is just $15 a month, the average price of a kid’s graphic novel. If you are local in San Francisco you may pick the book up, otherwise we can ship it for a nominal charge.

Join Now!  We ship all over!

Graphic Novels Club for Kids.

Past Selections

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