All Wait, No What: The Accidental Skip Week

 photo 0582b9c7-ea77-456b-9663-1ba1a5afeab9_zpsd7f7399b.jpg(A modified version of the Kate's Special Waffle, created here in San Francisco by yours truly: liege waffle, fried egg, toasted sunflower seeds, pickled peppers, and finishing salt. Very, very good.)

Uhhh, ooops.

This actually was not supposed to be a skip week. The plan was to have a big batch of books read and have Graeme and I dive right back in to our devil-may-care recording ways, but some family stuff came up for me last week and it just didn't look like it was going to come together.

We are really, really sorry, especially as we'll get only one recording session under our belt just before *another* skip week as Graeme goes on vacation. Yes, this is less the Golden Age of "Wait, What?: The Podcast" and more like the Golden Age of "Wait, What? We have a podcast?" We promise we shall make it up to you with a double-helping of pointless lists and misunderstanding manga genres! (Well, we promise to try, anyway.)

On behalf of Graeme and myself (but especially me since it's my fault), our apologies!

Waiting For The End Of The World: Jeff Blows His Deadline

technical difficulties Hey, Jeff here with just a quick note--the plan was to put both parts of Wait, What? up at once Tuesday morning since the two pieces are very different from one another. (Part One: Graeme and I losing our shit over Matt Fraction and Tom Breevort's post-Fear Itself interview at Newsarama; Part Two: we pull our shit together and give you suggestions for a holiday gift list with 30+ items.)

So, yeah. I kinda blew it for a number of utterly unsurprising reasons since it's the week before Christmas. I apologize but will put both parts 1 and 2 up in one post early Wednesday afternoon...

Just wanted to let you know.  Sorry, everyone!