Comics Encourage Kids to Read

Entertaining, informative and fun to read, comic books and graphic novels greatly appeal to kids, motivating them to improve their reading skills.  Learn more about comics and literacy.  With comics proven to encourage kids to read, Comix Experience strongly supports educators and students in the Bay Area. 

Classroom Events

In addition to providing personalized expertise and access to near-wholesale pricing for local K-12 teachers, our friendly and passionate staff is available to speak on a variety of topics to your classroom or library.  We've even worked with teachers to create special events for students, like a comic book making class that included developing plot and narrative. Please contact owner Brian Hibbs at or (415) 863-9258 for more information.

Graphic Novels for Kids

We offer special pricing for middle school libraries that would like to participate in our Kids' Graphic Novel Club, which includes monthly live and streaming video meetings featuring in-person appearances by top kids' graphic novel authors discussing their latest books and answering kids' questions about their creative processes.  We're currently working with several San Francisco Unified School District middle schools to bring the love of graphic novels to kids.  Since each meeting is live-streamed, these amazing events are even available to schools nationwide at reasonable prices. Please contact to discuss the possibilities, or for references to working librarians who are involved in our service.

Visit our Two San Francisco Locations listed below or subscribe to our Graphic Novel Club Online!

Comix Experience
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Comix Experience Outpost
2381 Ocean Ave.
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Monday 11am-7pm
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