All Wait, No What? The Skip Week's Skip Week

 photo 5E3A629E-A54B-4884-98E6-1460BC90AC28-8923-000010541BE34CED_zps4e7b381d.jpgUnrelated to this post -- I just included it because it makes me happy every time I see it.

Hey, everyone:  Jeff here with a very big apology for everyone.  Last week, as per our schedule, Graeme and I talked comics for two hours.

Unfortunately, the person who was responsible for recording us did not manage to push the little button that *records* our conversations.  (That person will go unnamed...but only because it was me.  If it'd been Graeme, I would've given him up in a heartbeat.)

I thought about giving you a rough version of the show notes anyway, based on what I remembered (and I would've tried to be oh-so-clever and called them "show nots") but I feel like that wouldn't have been especially helpful.   So I decided to just leave it be.

On the up side, we usually get an extra-great essay from John Kane on our skip weeks, so maybe this will trick him into writing something else for the site this week?  And maybe when Graeme and I speak next week, not only will I hit record but I'll try and mix it on the fly and get it super-early.

Anyhoo, our deepest apologies (by which I mean my deepest apologies, but once again I'm trying to drag Graeme into this even though he is entirely blameless) and thank you for your considerable patience!