Wait, No. (Podcast, Interrupted)

2001_kirby Hey, everyone--some bad news: because Graeme was struck with food poisoning, we did not record last week...which means no podcast this week.  But, barring further catastrophe, we will be recording this week...which means you'll have another podcast in your hands next week.  Sorry?

But, hey, I'm sure you'll find lots of stuff to do in the meantime.  I mean, it's the Internet, right?  I mean, if you haven't checked it out, I would point you to Abhay's recently completed epic: Insensitive Veterinarians? Or, I dunno, I'm a little bit behind on it, but holy god is Tom Scioli going to some truly insane places with Satan's Soldier. That's like...if a comic line had spun off from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Strikes Again?  It's just...amazing stuff.

But, again: you'll figure something out.  I'm sure some of you haven't quite caught up with all 100+ eps. of Wait, What? so...now's a chance to do so in a leisurely manner.

Sorry we weren't there for you this week, Whatnauts, and as always, we thank you for listening!