No Wait, What?, Ep. 129: Co-Dependent's Day

 photo null_zps570ee62a.jpgMy recent 'winnings'

Howdy, everyone!  This is one of those "podcast notes to let you know there is no podcast" notes.  Between Graeme being busy with his new gig, and me coming home in a barrel held aloft by cheap suspenders after my vacation,  and with the Fourth of July landing right on our usual podcast time, we decided in the interest of, um, sanity, I guess, to inflict another skip week upon you.

And, as long as I'm bringer of bad news that we won't be podcasting during the week of SDCC because one of us (who is not me) will be covering The Nerd Wars, and one of us (who is me) will be hiding in a corner whimpering, dealing with the resulting PTSD from getting caught in the Lego exclusive toy line.

Anyway, there is lots of content on the site at the moment, and there is always our archive, which if you can access via the RSS feed, will give you access to *187* installments of Graeme and I sadly shaking our heads at one another.

To sum up:  sorry for the delay, sorry for taking up the space, and sorry I kept thinking that damn slot machine was just about to pay off.  Really, truly sorry.

As always, thanks for your patience and we'll see you next week!