Comix Experience first opened April Fool's Day, 1989, and has built a lot of memories over that time.  This page has some of the photos, files, and mementos from multiple decades of comics retailing!

The above video was shot during our 21st anniversary party in 2010. Thank you to everyone who said such wonderful things about us.


We’re Honored!

This Certificate of Honor for our 30th anniversary was given to us by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, led by Supervisor Vallie Brown. This touched us so much!

Certificate of Honor.jpg


We've had a lot of great artists create window displays for us over the decades!

This and the following few things are click-through slideslows. There are scores of amazing pieces of art if you click the left and right arrows.

All of the window displays are in our big bay windows — they are roughly five feet wide, eight feet high, and roughly three feet deep, so this is a huge space to fill! (And, yet, a pretty cool Ambassador For Comics for a central San Francisco thoroughfare)

Seriously! Click through the gallery, it’s a decent use of your time if you like comics.



Signings Galore!

Please use the arrows on the side to click through. There’s a lot of pictures for you to discover.

Comix Experience has held scores and scores of signings in the past, including (in no particular order) just some of the many many many appearances that have occurred: Neil Gaiman (five times!), Sam Hamm, Matt Wagner, Chris Marrinan, Al Gordon, Erik Larsen, Sam Kieth, William Messner-Loebs, Kelley Jones, The Pander Brothers, Pepe Moreno, Gerard Jones, Larry Welz, Dan Vado and Scott Saavedra, Dan Brereton, James Hudnall, Dave McKean, Robt. Williams, Mike Dringenberg, Alan Grant, Dan Clowes, Jo Duffy, Lois Buhalis, Colleen Doran, Wendy Pini, Bryan Talbot, Mark Bode, Garth Ennis, Lewis Shiner, Norm Breyfogle, Steve Oliff, Harlan Ellison, Grant Morrison, Matt Hollingsworth, Steve Dillon, Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson, Jim Lee, The Hernandez Brothers, Jill Thompson, Linda Medley, Rachel Pollack, James Robinson, Teddy Kristiansen, Dave Sim, Gerhard, Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Alan Brennert, Paul Pope, Teri Wood, Michael Cohen, Howard Chaykin, John Francis Moore, Paul Mavrides, Jim Woodring, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphey, Kurt Busiek, Gary Amaro, P. Craig Russell, Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier, Bob Shrek, Tom Luth, Stan Sakai, Peter Bagge, Al Columbia, Michael T. Gilbert, Trina Robbins, Angela Bocage, Nina Paley, Kris Kovick, Cheela Smith, John McCrea, Javier Saltares, Mike Allred,  Ted Naifeh, Chad Michael Murray, Craig Thompson, Charles Soule, Leela Corman, ILYA,...and even more creators that we’re not going to list lest this becomes a completely unreadable wall of text!!

More recently we started two different Graphic Novel Clubs, one for adults, and the other for kids.  Videos of our interviews with the involved creators can be found here, and you can find a collection of the bookplates produced for our monthly selections here.



Comix Experience Art Direction

Over the years there have been a variety of amazing artists doing incredible works of art for our fliers and such: here is just some of what’s been done over the years! (including some early ugly ones from the boss!) — just click through to experience a panoply of exciting fliers/ads that have been done over thirty years. Gosh, we barely feel like a teenager!



Comix Experience 5th Anniversary Magazine

5th Anniversary Magazine PDF

Wayyyyyyy back in 1994, Comix Experience published a 24-page magazine to celebrate our fifth anniversary, featuring new art and comics from Dave Sim, Matt Wagner, Neil Gaiman, Terry Moore and many many others. We've lovingly scanned our sole remaining copy (yes, you can even see the wrinkles and stains it has gotten over the years) for your joy and entertainment.  



Tilting at Windmills

Brian Hibbs has been writing for a long time (decades!) about comics retailing and we have the earliest years archived here on the Tilting at Windmills page!  NEW editions of TaW are produced regularly at The Comics Beat.



Visit our Two San Francisco Locations listed below or subscribe to our Graphic Novel Club Online!

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The Savage Critics

Brian once ran a comics review site with many talented writers; it has since been shuttered, but we wanted to make sure the content didn't get erased, so we have it all right here for you to while away an afternoon or three.


Other misc things!

Not everything fits into easy categories? There are odds, there are ends, and here many of them are.