"Because I Loathe Bananas!" COMICS! Sometimes It Is Christmas On The Planet of The Apes (Part 3)

"Beware the beast Man, for he is the Content's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he scans for the attention of strangers during Internet lulls. Yea, he will politely ask his work-mate to borrow his work-mate's Planet of The Apes Weekly collection. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will spend most of his time washing, cleaning and generally running about to little result before finally sitting and staring dully into the far distance. Shun him; drive him back into his new-build lair, for he is the harbinger of death." Thus spaketh The Lawgiver. And so Part Three of the Planet of The Apes Weekly cover gallery begins:  photo PART2B_zps2c2498fd.jpg Anyway, this...

 photo 065PoTAWB_zps10532b3b.jpg

 photo 066PoTAWB_zpsce385e44.jpg

 photo 067PoTAWB_zpsb5c2d924.jpg

 photo 068PoTAWB_zps41cc0819.jpg

 photo 069PoTAWB_zpsefda6a07.jpg

 photo 070PoTAWB_zpscf1afaa7.jpg

 photo 071PoTAWB_zpsce566873.jpg

 photo 072PoTAWB_zpsff87164d.jpg

 photo 072PoTAWpuB_zpsd68a25ff.jpg

 photo 073PoTAWB_zps344f0ff2.jpg

 photo 074PoTAWB_zps6743fcb0.jpg

 photo 074PoTAWpuB_zpsda493282.jpg

 photo 075PoTAWB_zpsfd474065.jpg

 photo 076PoTAWB_zps3f89bead.jpg

 photo 077PoTAWB_zpsee57cabf.jpg

 photo 078PoTAWB_zps2f74644d.jpg

 photo 079PoTAWB_zps1a6920ad.jpg

 photo 080PoTAWB_zpsdf425c46.jpg

 photo 081PoTAWB_zps950d25fa.jpg

 photo 082PoTAWB_zpsf78d94e2.jpg

 photo 083PoTAWB_zps8cc71435.jpg

 photo 084PoTAWB_zpse1b038e9.jpg

 photo 085PoTAWB_zps0aef20e2.jpg

 photo 086PoTAWB_zps27b66f3a.jpg

 photo 087PoTAWB_zpsca89a2da.jpg

 photo 088PoTAWB_zpsabe466b0.jpg

 photo 089PoTAWB_zps8b934556.jpg

 photo 090PoTAWB_zpsdd59570b.jpg

 photo 091PoTAWB_zps9b0825bb.jpg

 photo 092PoTAWB_zps8b326fbc.jpg

 photo 093PoTAWB_zps2f698f6b.jpg

 photo 094PoTAWB_zps2caa302b.jpg

 photo 095PoTAWB_zpsbd876930.jpg

 photo 096PoTAWB_zpsa16d4b1f.jpg

Ape Shall not borrow and then forget to return ape's - COMICS!!!