"What The Hell Would I Have To Say To A Gorilla?!?" COMICS! Sometimes It Is Christmas On The Planet of The Apes (Part 2)

Well, Christmas The Holidays are almost upon us! Now, if you do knock back the old grape juice plus please refrain from driving. This isn't the Nineteen Seventies, you know! Although you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise as we plummet into the second part of our gallery of Planet of The Apes Weekly (very old but VERY GOOD!) covers. It ain't Nostalgia, it's History. (Okay, it's nostalgia).  photo bombB_zps4ea6ac7c.jpg

BONUS**BONUS***: Fool your friends! Baffle your enemies! Be hunted by the Government and shot in a ship yard with our Amazing Like-Life Ape Mask! (Never use scissors unless supervised by an adult.)

Anyway, this...

 photo 032PoTAWB_zpsb11bac15.jpg

 photo 032PoTAWpuB_zpsa449c371.jpg

 photo 033PoTAWB_zps745983c3.jpg

 photo 033PoTAWpuB_zps036d9213.jpg

 photo 034PoTAWB_zpse314393e.jpg

 photo 035PoTAWB_zpsc27e11e1.jpg

 photo 035PoTAWpuB_zpsb7564e40.jpg

 photo 036PoTAWB_zpsbba9287a.jpg

 photo 037PoTAWB_zps8c0a94e4.jpg

 photo 038PoTAWB_zps046811c5.jpg

 photo 039PoTAWB_zpsd05c55b7.jpg

 photo 040PoTAWB_zpsed28d181.jpg

 photo 041PoTAWB_zps3b200302.jpg

 photo 042PoTAWB_zps9c260324.jpg

 photo 043PoTAWB_zps4b0eeb24.jpg

 photo 044PoTAWB_zps44df60c4.jpg

 photo 045PoTAWB_zpsfb993b8f.jpg

 photo 045PoTAWpuB_zpsed4836aa.jpg

 photo 046PoTAWB_zpsa3c97a0e.jpg

 photo 047PoTAWB_zps78b943fe.jpg

 photo 048PoTAWB_zps84b21e13.jpg

 photo 048PoTAWpuB_zps539ee59e.jpg

 photo 049PoTAWB_zps80a3be1d.jpg

 photo 050PoTAWB_zpsb95fe246.jpg

 photo 051PoTAWB_zps2f579c8a.jpg

 photo 052PoTAWB_zpsf30ae4cb.jpg

 photo 053PoTAWB_zps9f397cbc.jpg

 photo 054PoTAWB_zpsfc376dcd.jpg

 photo 055PoTAWB_zps94b0ce0f.jpg

 photo 056PoTAWB_zpsd55544e5.jpg

 photo 057PoTAWB_zps8a74f7d6.jpg

 photo 058PoTAWB_zpsf93eca3c.jpg

 photo 059PoTAWB_zpsba006373.jpg

 photo 060PoTAWB_zps544982c7.jpg

 photo 060PoTAWpuB_zpscca1f0d2.jpg

 photo 061PoTAWB_zps33abf5c9.jpg

 photo 062PoTAWB_zpsa3589bc7.jpg

 photo 063PoTAWB_zpsf57269ef.jpg

 photo 064PoTAWB_zps661150d9.jpg

Oh, apes might talk but they don't make - COMICS!!!