Don't Look Back. Don't Ever Look Back! Sometimes it's 2017!

 photo FireWorksNY_zpshx7h0r7t.jpgSHE WOLF by Rich Tommaso

Happy New Year from all aboard The Savage Critics! Okay, now look, it's a New Year so it's important we all get off on the right foot. We need some smiles, people!

Sure, I could let the continuing fascistic farce of BREXIT Britain bring me down...

 photo BrexitNYB_zpsckiodj7h.jpg V for VENDETTA by David Lloyd and Alan Moore

Or...I could accentuate the positive and look ahead to all the magical joys COMICS!!! have in store in 2017!

So chip in below and tell the world (well, the infinitesimal portion of the world that reads The Savage Critics) what's looking to brighten up your life in the twelve months ahead! Or don't. Free Will, yeah? So here are two to start you off:

 photo ChaykinNYB_zpsrxv5p9r0.jpg

 photo SWolfNYB_zpslqvlxqte.jpg

So what's got you 'orrible lot salivatin'? Oi, cheeky chops! Keep it to COMICS!!!

Happy New Year!


 photo NewYearB_zps754b83a1.jpgImage by Russ Heath & Robert Kanigher. Taken from Our Army At War #259 (DC Comics, 1973)

Um, that's it really. Thanks to Brian Hibbs for his patience and just, you know, giving me a place to talk about comics for another year. I appreciate it even though I never say so. That's just because I'm an ungrateful ****. It's been a tough year for The Savage Critics what with us losing Graeme & Jeff, who have lit out for the territories and are, even as we speak, reaping the rewards they so richly deserve. God, how the envy consumes me. J Smitty went AWOL, due, I believe, to the demands of building a business and generally providing for his family like a responsible dude. Since this means I now will never find out what happens in ARMAGEDDON 2001 I can't help but doubt his priorities, but I'm sure we all wish him well. Brian Hibbs got another comics shop because he feeds on stress, and he will return to reviewing soon(ish) I'm sure. And Abhay. Always Abhay. Always and forever Abhay. Animator. Lawyer. Lover. Artist. Author. Gamer. God in mortal form. Abhay. Always Abhay.The wind cries Abhay. But above all there is you. Well, you and COMICS!!!

Happy new year! I hope 2015 is kind to you all.