Second of Three Fanboy Columns.

Okay, the "Salute to Content" week continues, with the second Fanboy Rampage column, dealing with the return of my evil twin, now up. June's installment will be posted tomorrow. I bought an Adaptec PCI card for my PC yesterday, figuring it was finally time I got some USB 2.0 ports in my PC, and it's been sheer hell getting the thing installed. Of course, I have no idea what I'm doing and, of course, the instruction manual makes it seem like it's the easiest thing in the world and, of course, it turns out there are conflicts between my BIOS and earlier versions of the card and I should make sure that Bus Mastering Support is provided and enabled for the PCI slot, yadda, yadda, yadda. Someday our bald, big-headed descendants will look back on the shit we went through and laugh their three asses off (I haven't decided yet whether each descendant has three asses, or if there are only three asses for the collective mass of them).

First of Three Fanboy Columns.

Okay, so true to my word, I've begun catching up on posting the Fanboy Rampage columns I do for the CE newsletter and will add links here each day as I upload 'em. It's, like, content! Kinda! So first up, we have a look at DC's timeline of Infinite Crisis, and my own particularly berserk spin on it, although if DC doesn't end up using "two Ectobane pizzas from beyond hypertime..." I'll be bummed. And I know I'm wayyyyy behind the curve on this, but Hawk & Dove action figures?? Wha? I was in Target yesterday, stopped by the action figure aisle on a lark, and got knocked on my ass over these. I got the action figure monkey off my back several years ago but between my purchase of this set and DC Direct's Composite Superman, I wonder if I'm not slowly falling off the wagon. Christ, I hope not.

Fanboys, New and Old

Wow, this is turning out to be our week of content. Since my latest Fanboy has to do with summer movies of note, and since I stretched the very conception of "summer" to include the April 1 opening of Sin City, I wanted to put it up while it still carries two or so days of potential trenchant relevance. On a similar note, with Frank Miller's Sin City opening soon and some of us having gone back and reread a bunch of those fine beauties, I thought I would also link to an old FBR, wherein I try to imagine Frank Miller's Jesus!

New Content! (Kinda!)

Hookay, the reviews this week are either coming verrrry late (as in early next week), or they ain't coming. (Newsletter + Wondercon + some very unavoidable personal appointments=Jeff weeping, tearing what's left of his hair and fighting with his girlfriend over who gets the last bit of milk) However! Because I had some problems with my new computer and video game addiction and stuff, the last three installments of Fanboy Rampage weren't put up...until now. Coverage of our Geoff Johns signing, thoughts about DC Countdown (and Christmas), and brief comments about Will Eisner's passing are now available for your perusal. See? Just like comic book reviews! Only....not.

Something like a New Content Alert

Happy Labor Day! When we did the minor clean-up on the site, I swore I would change my ways and get better about putting up the Fanboy Rampages closer to their publication date. So this latest piece, dealing with Bendis and Millar and underoos and whatnot, was supposed to go up on the first of the month. How it got to be the sixth of September already, I have no idea. As they say in those fancy restaurants: enjoy!