First of Three Fanboy Columns.

Okay, so true to my word, I've begun catching up on posting the Fanboy Rampage columns I do for the CE newsletter and will add links here each day as I upload 'em. It's, like, content! Kinda! So first up, we have a look at DC's timeline of Infinite Crisis, and my own particularly berserk spin on it, although if DC doesn't end up using "two Ectobane pizzas from beyond hypertime..." I'll be bummed. And I know I'm wayyyyy behind the curve on this, but Hawk & Dove action figures?? Wha? I was in Target yesterday, stopped by the action figure aisle on a lark, and got knocked on my ass over these. I got the action figure monkey off my back several years ago but between my purchase of this set and DC Direct's Composite Superman, I wonder if I'm not slowly falling off the wagon. Christ, I hope not.