Wait, What? Ep. 10.1: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Podcast

Photobucket Well, it was probably inevitable, wasn't it? I mean, I even went out of my way to get this image because I know both Graeme and I used it as icons at one point or other....

(At least you can feel comfortable knowing that the image is actually somewhat relevant to our podcast, unlike those of you vexed by not hearing anything about that amazing Lois Lane cover from last post.)

Anyway, this is the advantage of our new improved Wait, What? turnaround--instead of having to wait eight weeks to hear about a topic that everyone got tired of six weeks prior, you can know hear us talk eleven days later about a topic everyone got tired of thirty-six minutes after the box office was released!

Wait, What?, Ep. 10.1: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Podcast

(Though I think, as always, Graeme has some great things to say, regardless.)

Tomorrow:  Installment 2 of Episode 10, which will be chock-full-o'-comix.  Hope you stick around for it!