Wait, What: The Prologue-ening Now Available

Hey, everyone. Photobucket

Graeme and I have a bite-sized morsel of a podcast episode for you today: Wait, What: The Prologue to Episode 10, which is just a bunch of stuff we talked about before we actually talked about the stuff we were supposed to talk about.  The plan is to post the two more substantive, action-packed comics-related installments on Thursday and Friday.

Does that seem hackneyed, spreading the installments out over several days?  I feel like it keeps the site more active.  (But I would, wouldn't I?)  (Oh, and ditto with the images, such as the Lois Lane cover above which, regrettably, is unrelated to this installment's contents.) If you have a strong opinion one way or the other, feel free to let us know in the comments.

As for the podcast itself, it should be in Itunes now, or you can listen to it here:

Wait, What: The Prologue to Episode 10