Wait, What? Episode 10.2: The Lightning Round

Photobucket (Image shamelessly ganked from one of David Brothers' posts in the awesome 'Fear of a Black Panther" series at Factual Opinion and 4th Letter and Factual Opinion.)

So, yeah.  Episode 10.2:  Graeme and I talk about a ton of books (including the one referenced above) in a short amount of time.

Like, what you may ask?  Like:

  • Bakuman, by the creators of Death Note;
  • The Particular Sadness of Lemoncake, by Aimee Bender;
  • The Unsinkable Walker Bean, by Aaron Renier;
  • Drinking at the Movies, by Julia Wertz;
  • How To Understand Israel in 60 days or Less, by Sarah Glidden;
  • Black Panther Jungle Action Marvel Masterworks, by Don McGregor, Rich Buckler, and Billy Graham;
  • Daytripper, by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon;
  • Set To Sea, by Drew Weing;
  • and The Shaking Woman, by Siri Hustvedt

Wait, What? Episode 10.2: The Lightning Round

Too short?  Not short enough?  Definitely let us know, and we hope you dig it!