Third Time's The Charm: Jeff's Garage Sale Update.

Stupid Picasa. I wrote two different versions of this post and both of 'em disappeared into the ether. So now you get the super-short version. Dammit.

I was a huge Hong Kong movie junkie back in the '90s and I'd be loathe to tell you what I spent on all of these movies back in the day. But I'm not watching them and they're slowly fading (and have faded) and do nobody any good sitting in a storage space. So they're going to be at the garage sale too--a quarter a piece. I can't exactly guarantee that they'll play or be watchable or anything but I think a lot of 'em will be, and a quarter isn't exactly a lot of money to gamble, not when you could end up with a full copy of Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon in your hands.

You know what else you can get for a quarter?

I was looking through all my Kirby books and realized I'd picked up a some dupes back when I was buying the books in lots. So they're in there along with all the other assorted craziness. Hopefully this will entice more of you to make the trek out to the Cortland Avenue on Saturday. A copy of Millionaire's Express and a Kirby Kamandi for fifty cents total? Back in 1995, my head would've imploded at such a concept...

Tomorrow: an update on some books, times and prices, location and bus info. See you then!