Last Time 'Round the Corner: My Final Garage Sale Update

Okay. Last update. I'm kinda tired and brain-dead--running a comic book store on a slow day is infinitely more tiring than running one on a busy day. Not sure what law of thermodynamics is covered by that, but it's true.

Tomorrow from 9 to 4 is the garage sale and this is my very last chance to hector you about it. It's on Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights. For those travelling by Bart/Muni, get your butts to 24th Ave. and then take any Mission bus down to Cortland Avenue (the delightful Zante Pizza is on one corner of Cortland and Mission and the even-more-delightful Spicy Bite is on the opposite corner). From there, you can either walk up the hill and over (about a ten to fifteen minute walk, depending), or you can catch a 24 Divisadero bus to take you up Cortland to where all the activity will be. It's a Hillwide Sale day to benefit the Bernal Heights Senior Center and I've heard there's 110 registered sites all over Bernal Hill--even if you're not interested in my stuff, there'll be something across the Hill for everyone.

I should be right across from the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. You can find a Google map of that location here.

The pricing is more or less straightforward. All comic books are a quarter, unless you buy 20 or more, and then they go down to twenty cents a pop. All VHS movies, Hong Kong or otherwise, are a quarter. DVDs (with very few exceptions, one of my favorite Seijun Suzuki films among them) are six dollars apiece, but if you buy 7 it's $35 and if you buy 10 it's $40. The PS2 games range between $7 to $10 and are in faboo condition. Action figures are $4 each or 3 for $10. (And yeah, hauling all that stuff from my place is gonna be FUN.)

So, you know. Stop by. Say "Hi." Some of my favorite people in the world have already said they're stopping by so it should be a great time. Hope you can join us, but have a great weekend either way!