Kibbles and Bits

Probably the last time you'll ever see a political commentary on this blog, but is anyone REALLY surprised that Bush won? I mean, look, Kerry wasn't running on anything other than being NotBush. NotBush is a nice position, to be sure, for some percentage of the country, but it's not a way to win.

The Democrats have to get thier shit together -- that's two elections in a row they've run a wonkish stiff who is defined by his opponent. Bush really should have been the most defeatable candidate ever, but the Demos blew it by running yet another woodman.

Or to put it another way, Kerry won here in San Francisco, like 85%/15%.... and I don't know a single person, not ONE (including myself) who voted for Kerry because they wanted to vote for Kerry -- they voted for Kerry because he was NotBush.


If Matt Brady is reading this, I beg and plead you to never ever EVER turn NEWSARAMA over to someone else again, like this week's "Joe Casey-a-rama". It sucked last year when you did it with Brian Wood, and it sucked this year just as hard. If I want to read puff pieces and softball interviews with the subject's friends, I can go and read WIZARD, y'know?

Seriously, let's at least _pretend_ it's an actual journalistic site, can we?


Half a beat more of politics.

When I spoke to Rob today, who was devestated by the results (though, probably more from the DNA databse here in Cali than anything else), I said, "think of the up side -- at least you know we've only got 4 years to go. It's not like Dick Cheney will run for President in '08, and I don't think W has any credible successors"

Rob glumly said "They're going to change the constitution for Arnold."

Nah, I don't think so. I don't think we're that far gone yet.

Anyway, since when is 51% a "mandate"? The fuck? Shouldn't that be like 2/3 or better? Is it just me?


I was hoping to have some "final" good news today because the judge in the Marvel Class Action suit held a hearing about it this morning, but he still hasn't signed the order. The expectation is he'll either sign it, or reject it in the next week or three (By Thanksgiving?), and, if he signs it, then 30 days for appeals (which no one, to my knowledge, will make... including Marvel), and then credits will be issued no later than 30 days after that. Presumably this is late December, early January. As a general thing, that sounds like a fine time table -- most stores can use the credits more AFTER the holidays than before them, but given how lonnnnnng this thing has stetched out, maybe it won't be until spring...

Anyway, back to reading comics -- hope to have SOME reviews from this week up for tomorrow....