A Quick Sqwuack from the Parrot!

Jeff here, and I just wanted to second Brian's comments about all the great book picks generally, and the Marvel Visionaries Jack Kirby hardcover in particular. I imagine all you Kirby lovers went and got this already but if not--holy cow. You get close to 350 pages of prime Kirby work for only $29.99, and it's a pretty great sampler: I'm particularly happy about issue #7 of The Eternals with all its crazy design work, and having the Galactus Saga in one place on great paper for less than fifty bucks seems like a bargain all its own. If I try, I can fret about royalties, the way the book is weighted with stories about Jack's happy days in the Bullpen, story selection, etc., but it's obviously a labor of love from the editors and I think it's just a stellar accomplishment at a stellar price. Coming back from vacation and having it, Jaime's Locas, the second volume of Peanuts, and Rick Veitch's Crypto Zoo in my sub box was like returning to the voices of a heavenly choir.