Lester Alert!

I don't know if you remember about three years ago when Jeff Lester was plugging his story in Cthulhu Tales #10? Well, that story (and many others) are now in a sturdy TP collection entitled CTHULHU TALES OMNIBUS: MADNESS.  This has a Diamond order code of AUG110894, and an ISBN of 978-1-60886-075-3, if you wanted to ask your local library to stock it. (hint hint)

Other than seeing ol' Jeff staying in print, I'm excited by the back cover text that says "Featuring comic book superstars Steve Niles...Jeff Lester (SAM & MAX ONLINE)...and Roger Langridge." Yes, Jeff Lester ranks higher than Roger Langridge!

The blurb then goes on to say "Follow the Old Ones of myth from ancient times and into the modern age, where even Cthulhu joins a rock band!" which is.... Jeff's story! Niiiiice!

Seriously, go buy a copy, and earn Jeff some royalties! (Well, we'd hope?)



The Debut Switcheroo: Jeff Advocates Cthulhu Tales #10 for Entirely Self-Serving Reasons

Um. So, I wanted to talk about last week's Previews. More specifically, page 225:

CTHULHU TALES #12 by William Messner-Loebs, Jeff Lester, Jeremy Rock & Chee

Jeff Lester pens "Reunion Tour," what is probably our favorite Cthulhu Tale to date, a story melding rock and roll, age-old partnerships, unnameable beasts from the dimensions beyond time and space, and flight attendants! Also, William Messner-Loebs returns to Cthulhu Tales with a short story of chilling horror!

Honestly, as solicitation text for my comic book debut go, I couldn't be more fortunate...except for one tiny, nagging detail: my story isn't in Cthulhu Tales #12. It's been moved up to Cthulhu Tales #10.

And so, rather than an extended, perfectly planned and executed series of posts in which I woo you into purchasing my first story, I have to go with the last minute, flat-out shameless pitch: please purchase Cthulhu Tales #10, coming out in January. (You can use order code OCT083937.) Although it's long past the date for initial orders, if you go to your retailer, tell them you want a copy of the issue (and give 'em this code: OCT083937), they can proably still reserve you a front-row seat for my transition from "guy who talks too much on the Internet" to "guy whose characters hopefully don't talk too much on the printed page."

Here's the splash for the story (every time I try to bump the size a bit higher it breaks the page, so...):

From CE

I chose this panel because Chee, the artist, did such an amazing job with blacks, whites and particularly (what looks to my untrained eyes as) those grey washes, that the editors decided to run the story in black and white, and I hope you can at least see a little bit of that here.

This panel is also the closest I get to sounding like classic Lovecraft, so it may not be entirely representative of the story as a whole. The other stuff is a bit more like this:

So... you know. If you enjoy my writing on this site (as well as the humor stuff I've done over here), I think you'll dig this. You know your comics store better than mine, but most stores don't stock Cthulhu Tales in Avengers-sized quantities, so if you're interested, you might be better served by going to the retailer (with this code: OCT083937) and trying to get 'em to order a copy in advance from whatever amount over the initial orders Boom! printed.

Again: Cthulhu Tales #10. Order code OCT083937. Coming out in January.

Thank you. Apart from a brief notice the week the issue comes out, I promise not to do any additional shilling here.

(Oh, and speaking of last week's Previews, if you check out the IDW section, you'll see Hibbs has a second volume of Tilting At Windmills coming out. I'm hoping he'll talk here about that one sooner or later. We were amused we both had stuff in the same issue of Previews, though.)