Lester Alert!

I don't know if you remember about three years ago when Jeff Lester was plugging his story in Cthulhu Tales #10? Well, that story (and many others) are now in a sturdy TP collection entitled CTHULHU TALES OMNIBUS: MADNESS.  This has a Diamond order code of AUG110894, and an ISBN of 978-1-60886-075-3, if you wanted to ask your local library to stock it. (hint hint)

Other than seeing ol' Jeff staying in print, I'm excited by the back cover text that says "Featuring comic book superstars Steve Niles...Jeff Lester (SAM & MAX ONLINE)...and Roger Langridge." Yes, Jeff Lester ranks higher than Roger Langridge!

The blurb then goes on to say "Follow the Old Ones of myth from ancient times and into the modern age, where even Cthulhu joins a rock band!" which is.... Jeff's story! Niiiiice!

Seriously, go buy a copy, and earn Jeff some royalties! (Well, we'd hope?)