Wait, What? 57.1: Ones Divided by Two

Photobucket Howdy, everyone. My apologies in advance for such a rushed entry, but I'm actually taking a break from editing 57.2 and my concentration is a little bit on the "shot" side of things. Although I'm very happy San Francisco has decided to grace us with some lovely, lovely weather, my apartment is too hot in a "why doesn't my brain work?" kind of way. (Now I know how the rest of the U.S. felt this summer...)

Anyhoo, Wait, What? 57.1! It's very nearly an hour, and Graeme McMillan and I discussing not only the Miles Morales-based Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and the subime Daredevil #3, but also New 52 books like Deathstroke #1 ( with some spoilers), Red Lantern #1, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1, Demon Knights #1, Suicide Squad #1, Green Arrow #1 and Justice League International #1, as well as discussion about the August estimated sales numbers from ICV2.  Also! A delicious waffles update!

[I feel like I should cue the Entertainment Tonight theme music here.]

Sensible lads and lasses undoubtedly uncovered this installment already on iTunes, but the rest of us can listen right here, right now:

Wait, What? Ep. 57.1: Ones Divided by Two

You'll be happy to now the gripping finale is right around the corner, and, as always, we thank you for listening!

Wait, What? Ep. 51.1: You and Me and USM

Photobucket My hope is the days of iTunes drama is behind us and Wait, What? Ep. 51.1 has already begun a safe and steady trek to your listening device of choice, but if not and it leaves you hanging (as it did some of us for the better part of the week with our last episode), please feel free to listen to it here. It's got everything you could want in a comics podcast: Graeme McMillan! Miles Morales! Jack Kirby! Nick Spencer! Alan Moore! The library! (Oh, and also me and Marvel and Secret Avengers and legal wrangling as wrangled by two individuals utterly untrained in the art of said wrangling...):

Wait, What? Ep. 51.1: You and Me and USM

Pull up a chair and hunker down--the second installment should be around before you know it!  (Hopefully, on iTunes as it is under heaven...) Thanks for listening!