Wait, What? Ep. 58.1: The Minor Fall, The Major Lift

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Uh, yes.  I am running sorrowfully late again, so I'll have to kinda dash through all this verbal hubbub and let you know the who's who and the what's what:

Basically? It's Wait, What? Ep. 58.1.  It's a little less than an hour.  In it, Graeme and I not only discuss new DC 52 titles like Blue Beetle, Catwoman, Red Hood & The Outlaws (which I called "Red Hood & The Outsiders" which makes more sense but it a mistake), Batman, and Wonder Woman (and more), but also Chester Brown's Paying for It and initial "sweet jeebis, is it pretty!" pre-review impressions of Craig Thompson's habibi. Oh, and there are lots of shrieks from children outside Graeme's window.  (At least he told me they were outside his window....) We apologize about that.

Anyhoo, the 'cast is in iTunes (probably) and you can listen to it here (definitely):

Wait, What? Ep. 58.1: The Minor Fall, The Major Lift

Part two is around the corner, so there's that.

Oh! And, of course, we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!

The view from the retard pen -- Hibbs does 1 book from 3/21

Just one from me tonight, in order to say I did it: EXILES #92: I swear to god there should be a Chris Claremont drinking game. Like when someone utters the phrase, "You're good... I'm better", you take a drink. Or when someone calls something a "Caper", you drink. Dude, even people who are ON capers don't call them capers. Rassen-frassen. The worst part is I have a soft spot for this book, this situation, these characters -- even when Judd was doing his Echoes-of-Claremont thing -- but this isn't where I want to read "real" Claremont, no I don't. EH.

More tomorrow.