PEOPLE! Sometimes He's Not Here To Blow Out His 96 Candles But We Lit 'em Anyway!

Ninety six years ago on this date Jacob Kurtzberg (1917 - 1994) was born. Life may harry me and life may hurry me but I will always find time to celebrate the birth of the man who became Jack Kirby; the man who became a King! The King of COMICS!!!  photo Kbirth002PIPE_zps79235240.jpg Anyway, this...

So, today I will be celebrating Jack Kirby's 96th birthday by reading a Jack Kirby comic. Hardly an unusual occurrence there. Unusually though, I will also be donating $9.60 to The Kirby Family endorsed charity The Hero Initiative. It is a worthwhile and fine charity which aids members of the comic community who are in need. Howard Victor Chaykin is on the Disbursement Committe, and that's just one awesome thing about The Hero Iniative.

So, on this day, Jack Kirby's birthday, I will send them something in remembrance and celebration of Jack Kirby. You may wish to do so also. You may not wish to do so. I'm just throwing that out there. I'm not expecting anyone to do anything because I'm not asking anyone to do anything. I thank Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter for bringing this notion to my attention.

I do hope, however, that you take this day to particularly relish the medium to which Jack Kirby contributed so very, very much. The medium of - COMICS!!!

And now, at the risk of transforming from The Count Arthur Strong of bloggers to The Greg Land of bloggers, may I humbly present a visual (and typically sedate, low key and altogether dignified) tribute to Jack Kirby? Well, I'm going to:

(All images repurposed from SILVER STAR (2007, £25.99,VERY GOOD!) published by Image Comics. Except for photographs which I swooped in and stole like a magnificently amoral bird of prey.)

 photo KIRBYBIRTH1b_zps5356e514.jpg

Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby!

Happy Birthday to The King of COMICS!!!

(Unprofessional Behaviour Continuation Notice: Circumstances once more dictate that I shall be unable to post for a short while. After that I shall endeavour to regain some semblance of regularity and aim for more diverse content. I'm talking about my posts not, you know, something else there. I know, sorry. Until then; be well and be happy!)

"...Not As A Mystery--But As A MAN!" COMICS! Sometimes The King Knew The Score!

Celebrate your Dad, come on! (Let's Celebrate!). Smooth segues be damned on this, The Day of The Father; didjya know that Jack Kirby was also a Father? Like all Fathers Jack Kirby knew of "The Task" but only Jack Kirby dared speak of it. The final, greatest "task" of any Father; when he must remove the bomb from his child's head while waving him or her off into "The Future", remaining behind to be blown up in their stead. Wait, maybe it was a metaphor! Or maybe I just wanted to post some Jack Kirby covers because, hey, today I get celebrated (COME ON!!!) so bit busy, yeah?  Maybe more substantial content later? J_Smitty did some reviews one post down and they're good eating! Yammer, yammer; look, here's some 1970s Jack Kirby magic...  photo 2001_Dad_02001_B_zps2ecad685.jpg

Sure, every Dad'll tell you how he  dreams of the day his spawn will leave home so he can actually watch, oh, that three and a half hour David Lynch film with the rabbit sitcom in it all in one go, or just get so drunk he pukes so hard he turns inside out in his own home. But it's all a bluff facade; they all know deep inside that when it happens it'll be like being kicked in the heart by a Shire horse. Jack Kirby knew that and Jack Kirby drew that. Empty Nest Syndrome but with robots and shouting and stuff. Because Jack Kirby was complex. Jack Kirby was The King:

 photo BYE_B_zpsb4af4cf7.jpg

Of course we all know he won't ring unless he needs money.

And now in a futile attempt to satiate your cavernous need for content here be the covers and splash pages to the short-lived, but EXCELLENT!, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY series published by Marvel Comics. A company for whom Jack Kirby famously did some "work for hire"!!! The series was written and drawn by the ceaselessly astounding Mr. Jack Kirby and inked by his finest facilitator Mr. Mike Royer. If you find these issues in a back-issue box pick 'em up because, due to some Rights business, it's unlikely to be reprinted anytime soon. Advice that is, you know, like your Dad gives you. But more fun. Anyway, this...

 photo 2001_Cov_01001_B_zpsbba95ee3.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_01001_B_zpsc4907d52.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_02001_B_zps1bad6a48.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_02001_B_zpsbd0f52fd.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_03001_B_zps46b6e2d6.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_03001_B_zps192e00ed.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_04001_B_zps608b9667.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_04001_B_zps67c818b2.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_05001_B_zpse5da108b.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_05001_B_zps38741082.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_06001_B_zps2889705d.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_06001_B_zps6074323f.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_07001_B_zps644d0433.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_07001_B_zps9943cc5d.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_08001_B_zpsfbc91e52.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_08001_B_zpsf62e7857.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_09001_B_zps2bb1622f.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_09001_B_zps47c6c2f2.jpg

 photo 2001_Cov_10001_B_zps272fdb08.jpg

 photo 2001_Spl_10001_B_zps887159e3.jpg


 photo 2001_End_01001_B_zps06839b43.jpg Sup your micro-brews while you can, Fathers of The World.

Well, okay, there may not actually be a party goin' on right here but at least there's always - COMICS!!! Happy "Father's" Day!!!