Wait, What? Ep. 52.2: Jerks, Fighters, and Jus' Folks

Photobucket I admit it. I love "Our Valued Customers" even though it caters to the worst stereotypes about comic store customers. (Although I had my share of crazy people stories when I worked the counter at CE, none of them ever seemed quite as bad as what apparently walks into Mr. Tim's store on a weekly basis -- and honestly, most of the crazy people we had were "it's San Francisco and there are mentally ill people on the streets" crazy as opposed to "I must talk to you about Spider-Man so hard spittle is always flying off my lips" crazy.)

In any event, none of this is especially relevant to the conclusion to Episode 52 of our podcast, although it might be pretty easy for you to imagine Graeme or I coming off like this guy as we discuss Marvel and what might happen to the direct market in 2012;   Chris Roberson's Superman, recommendations for crazy silver-age DC stories, NuMarvel, comic book movies, Bendis and Ultimate Fallout, New Dark Avengers, Frank Darabont and Walking Dead, and much, much more, thanks to our listeners, colleagues, and fine friends who follow us on Twitter.  Itunes should have the episode all queued up for you, or alternately, you can listen to us gab about all of the above here:

Wait, What? Ep. 52.2: Jerks, Fighters and Jus\' Folks

We hope you enjoy and as always, thanks for listening!


Wait, What? Ep. 50.2: In A Dark Woods

Photobucket Picking up midway through our journey--more or less literally--it's the conclusion to our fiftieth episode of Wait, What?! Graeme and I tackle subjects small and large, from Walking Dead to the shootings in Oslo, from Supergods to Amy Winehouse. Ambition; death; Outbreak; Haywire.

It's an unconventional wrap-up to our less-than-conventional milestone episode and in some ways is more than a little bit of a downer -- we thought it would be an excellent idea to tell you now. It's probably shown its face on iTunes or you can hold a compact mirror up to it here:

Wait, What? Ep. 50.2: In A Dark Wood

As always, we hope this is a thing that you enjoy even when one of us (not to name any names...in part because he's writing this entry) drags things into the less cheerful side of things.  We humbly thank you for listening and are here with us for the next fifty!