CE21: Awesome Goodie Bags!

Sorry for the radio silence last week -- I was in Memphis for the annual ComicsPRO meeting (Which was ASTONISHING, but more on that later), and from Tuesday to Saturday I had, maybe, a total of 8 hours sleep. I don't like to broadcast being out of town before I go, security and all that... I'm sort of caught up on sleep (kinda), but next comes my crazy week while I get everything done for THIS SATURDAY'S 21st anniversary party for the store, so don't really expect any reviews from me this week, either.

I hope to see as many of you as possible this Saturday, starting at 8 PM, there's no doubt in my mind that this will be THE outside event to attend at this weekend's WonderCon. It is a benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. We've got a El Toyanese taco truck (Sponsored by Image Comics) and yummy beer brought to you by 21st Amendment Brewery (See what I did there?)

Every attendee making a donation to the CBLDF will (while, naturally, supplies last) will be receiving an AWESOME goodie bag -- there's well over $75 worth of comics and toys and stuff stuffed into each bag. We've got donations from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Viz, Avatar, Top Cow, Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Oni, Dynamite... and probably a few other publishers that haven't yet showed up to the store. It's a pretty exciting package of stuff!

See you on Saturday to celebrate 21 years of Experience, in style!


CE:21 The art auction

Hey, remember me telling you about our awesome 21st anniversary party, benefiting the CBLDF? Well, as part of the party we're also having an art auction for the CBLDF. I sent out a bunch of requests (and had friends at IDW, Image and Fantagraphics send them out as well), but I've only received one submission so far.

But it is a doozy:

People Who Know say I shouldn't worry about not having any other submissions as of yet: "They're freelancers, they'll do it at the very last minute", but I thought putting up Stan Sakai's contribution might spur others to get on the stick. Let's see!

See you April 3rd, we hope!