Wait, What? There's No Wait, What? This Week?

Yes, well.  Tiny vacations were taken last week (little itsy-bitsy ones!) and it was pretty darn pleasant, I gotta say. However, this means Graeme and I didn't record last week, which means I didn't edit yesterday, which means no podcast today.  (Why this means I have to somehow map out the entire production process for you, I'm not sure.  Obviously, the mini-cation didn't help my ability to vamp awkwardly.)

Which isn't to say we don't have some great Wait, What? related content for you anyway.  For example, check out this Portlandia video below for a very compelling cameo (right around the 1:03) mark:

And! After the jump!  Kirby tattoos!

Also worth noting are these great tattoos my pal and friend of the program Ren S. passed along. They're the tats of his friend Dr. Metropolis, who may or may not be the author of this fine book. I'm such a fan of Kirby (and especially Kirby at Marvel), I had to post these:

Yes, I would look at a guy's armpit if Kirby was involved.

My thanks to Ren and the good Doctor for showing this very amazing labor of love.  Now if someone wants to come forward with their OMAC tattoos and make my life more-or-less complete...

Next week:  A Podcast!  Probably! See you then!

Your QuickLink for the Day: Trailer to Spiegelman's Be A Nose.

Speaking of symbolists, I got an email just this morning from the McSweeney's people talking about their next book, Art Spiegelman's Be A Nose, "a triple dose of unexpurgated Spiegelman sketchbooks from years past—you get 1979, 1983, and 2007, all in actual-size hardbound editions and wrapped in a really neat ski-gogglelike strap."

They include a link to the trailer they've created to the book which you can see here. (I'd embed the sonuvabitch, but I'm afraid I'd break the formatting since we've got a width limit here on the blog). I thought you might like to check it out...

Working on a review or two, although they're staggering a bit much more than I'd like. They'll be up here sooner or later, I'd like to think.