Your QuickLink for the Day: Trailer to Spiegelman's Be A Nose.

Speaking of symbolists, I got an email just this morning from the McSweeney's people talking about their next book, Art Spiegelman's Be A Nose, "a triple dose of unexpurgated Spiegelman sketchbooks from years past—you get 1979, 1983, and 2007, all in actual-size hardbound editions and wrapped in a really neat ski-gogglelike strap."

They include a link to the trailer they've created to the book which you can see here. (I'd embed the sonuvabitch, but I'm afraid I'd break the formatting since we've got a width limit here on the blog). I thought you might like to check it out...

Working on a review or two, although they're staggering a bit much more than I'd like. They'll be up here sooner or later, I'd like to think.