Right, so...

Welcome to the Savage Critic blog. As some of you may remember (depending on how you got here), I used to do a weekly review column (aided and abetted by the affable Jeff Lester) of which you can find the archives here.

Once the wonderful Benjamin Alexander Friedman-Hibbs was born, I realized I couldn't keep up with the old format any longer -- I just didn't have that big block of time any longer!

So, again, thanks to Jeff Lester, we have the new cutting edge SavBlog where I can do shorter, but theoretically more frequent, updates / reviews.

I will probably be posting something daily (let's hope), but will not limit myself purely to comic reviews -- I'll also probably babble about being a dad a bit, as well as covering comics industry topics from a retailer's perspective. At least that don't fit into my monthly Tilting at Windmills column up at Newsarama.

(Matt Brady still needs to update the index)

(You can also find a lot of older, Pre-Newsarama Tiltings here, as well as purchase a copy of IDW's collection of the first 100 Tiltings here)

Anyway, this is just a "welcome" message -- we still have to add links, and do a lot of tweaking, but here I am, alright?