Wow. Comics have nearly beaten me.

I just got back from the store, where I finished dealing with the new comics (We're the San Francisco drop point for Diamond, so we get the books on Tuesday -- though we don't put them out for sale until Wednesday), and I don't think I've seen a single week packed with so much comicy goodness since the late 90s. Well, badness too -- but the point is there's a FUCKING LOT OF COMICS THIS WEEK.

We had next to no restock in the main shipment this week, and still we recieved 60% more boxes than normal.

There is just no way that anyone can buy everything they want this week. You thought last week was heavy? Ha!

Blame San Diego, I guess, as every publisher under the sun puts most of their line out this week (I sorta understand with the small press, but why the fuck do Marvel and DC do this? It's not like they are selling books to individuals), which brings to mind the old joke: How can you tell it's a convention week?  Supernatural Law was released!

(OK, you can substitute "A dozen books from Fantagraphics" in the above, too)

Anyway, my ass has been kicked, and I need to lay down -- you'll get a review or three tomorrow.