"They've Set Fire To The Universe!! Look Out! LOOK OUT!" COMICS! Sometimes We Celebrate The Arrival On Earth of Jack Kirby!!

Yes, it's that time of the year again! The time of the year when we celebrate the eternal magic of the man born on this day in 1917 as Jacob Kurtzberg; a man more commonly known to all as Jack Kirby. I'll shut my fat yapper now because this is his day and so without any further ado here are a selection of "cosmic"!!! images that just boggle my mind every time I see 'em. Many happy returns then to the man whose physical form has gone but whose genius transcends mortality. KIRBY!!!  photo Kirby05C_zpsfff296b0.jpg

Anyway, this...  photo Kirby09B_zps150f77f0.jpg

 photo Kirby07B_zpsf67db62e.jpg

 photo Kirby08B_zps98dc2f53.jpg

 photo Kirby11B_zps35b65302.jpg

 photo Kirby17B_zpsadcc40d1.jpg

 photo Kirby19B_zpsd91d75cc.jpg

 photo Kirby16B_zpsb4fce4b4.jpg

 photo Kirby18B_zps535b5e65.jpg

 photo Kirby14B_zpsd2a8ddac.jpg

 photo Kirby15B_zps5df5efd0.jpg

 photo Kirby12B_zpsfb6f761b.jpg

 photo Kirby10B_zps1108833c.jpg

 photo Kirby13B_zps8aad4cc2.jpg

 photo Kirby04B_zps14613a00.jpg

 photo Kirby03B_zps7ea243b5.jpg

 photo Kirby06B_zpsb17719aa.jpg

 photo Kirby01B_zps91663037.jpg

 photo Kirby05B_zps04f0ccda.jpg

He was born on 28th August 1917.

He was Jacob Kurtzberg.

He was Jack Kirby.


He was the King of - COMICS!!!


All images taken from issues of the 1976-7 comic book series 2001:A Space Odyssey(*) published by Marvel Comics. All pencils by Jack Kirby with letters and inks by "Mighty" Mike Royer.

(*) Based on concepts of the MGM movie by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke.