Quick Notice: Because There Are Reviews, There Will Be No Reviews.

Hibbs is out of town but he emailed me yesterday, breathlessly and with that slipshod sense of punctuation you expect from people on the road (oh how I wish I had that excuse!), to let me know that it was very important that  I tell everyone that, yes, he had written reviews but no, he had not thought to bring his password with him and so, even more so, no, there will be no reviews from him until after 4/3...not because there aren't reviews, mind you! (No, of course not.) So...there's that.  In the interim, please check out John K's excellent review of the Goodwin/Simonson adaptation of Alien and also, Tucker Stone's latest slate of reviews over at The Comics Journal, complete with a most excellent cameo from Abhay.  It is a fine, fine way to start your day, and a healthy part of this complete breakfast.

Carry on!