Comics from 9/22: Pick of the Week; Pick of the Weak; Trade Pick

So I'm back. I'm trying to follow in Hibbs' footsteps by saying I'd be right back and then disappearing for a day or two...actually I was kinda torn as to my picks but want to get them out there before the weekend is totally up. I decided to go with two books for Pick of the Week: I'm totally knocked out by King Cat Comics #65 by John Porcellino and think every fan of alt comix and unique voices should try and get their hands on a copy. I must've picked this book up four times in the last three days to re-read parts of it.

But since King Cat isn't the easiest book to find in a comic shop, I'm also picking Ex Machina #4 as a book everyone should be able to find without too much trouble. Ex Machina is book whose potential seems to grow, not diminish, with every issue, and is very much worth your time & dime.

My Pick of the Weak is Manhunter #2 because, although I haven't worked behind the comic book counter for very long, I've never seen a book that so many people have wanted to like and then decided to take a pass on. I'm frustrated it's not much better than it is.

For the trades, I'm going to assume if Hibbs was here, he would recommend the softcover release of DC OGN The Life Eaters. I haven't read it yet, but I know how impressed Brian was with Brin and Hampton's alternate history tale of Americans, Nazis & Norse Gods.

Me, I have no choice but to pick the second volume of Grant Morrison and Richard Case's The Doom Patrol: The Painting That Ate Paris: this material is fifteen years old and still fresh as a daisy. In particular, I'm blown away by the climax of the titular story, where Morrison uses nested narrative flashbacks to mirror the predicament of the characters caught within the levels of the painting, and uses three different connotations of the word 'Dada' at the finish to devastating effect. Morrison is as good as he claims to be in this one, and I hope DC doesn't wait too long before getting the next volume out there.

I've got a busy week coming up but I'll try to have a go at this week's books, maybe as early as Thursday. And I'll also try to have the new Fanboy up by the end of the week as well.