Two Quick Public Service Announcements

PSA Numero Uno: I'm sure most of you caught the announcement that Geoff Johns is going to be signing at CE from 4 to 7 on Saturday Octobert 30th. But some of you may missed it, so there it is. We hope you can make it. PSA Numero Two-o: If I was Hibbs I would have posted the shipping list doo-da that he does, but I'm not--I can only link to the Diamond site's if you're curious. But Rob Bennett informs me that we did not get in Superman/Batman #12 this week. He said that the East Coast did, the West Coast did not for quick brown reasons that jumped over the slow, lazy dog of my head. Just a head's up for those of you breathlessly anticipating how much sillier Jeph Loeb was going to twist a storyline about Supergirl wearing a slutty outfit and beating our heroes to pudding in apparent obeisance to Darkseid (I freely admit to counting myself in that crowd).

I have a batch of new comics here. Give me some time and I'll let you know what I think.