Wait, What? 26.2: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Photobucket I like to think of Episode 26 as a big ol' dish of Sweet & Sour Chicken [or vegetarian chicken-alternative of your choice]: The first installment was mostly on the sweet side (but still tangy); this installment you might find a bit more sour (but also tangy!). I don't know, you will have to decide and let us know.

I checked in and saw it on iTunes so you should be able to get it there with minimal Montgomery-izing, or you can also check it out here:

Wait, What? Episode 26.2: Too Much of a Good Thing?

And because John K(UK) had a point, let me add--we cover the state of the industry, whether there is an inherent value to creator-owned comics, and the mystery of Smilin' Stan.

You know the drill: future sessions should be shorter and updated more quickly, blah blah blah...thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!