Wait, What? 26.1: Catch Us if You Can

Photobucket So, yeah. iTunes. It'll be interesting to see what happens with iTunes and podcasts.  As you know, iTunes has been slower and slower to update our podcast, requiring some of us to resort to the B.D. Montgomery method (and god bless you, B.D. for both coming up with the solution and for never saying boo when we all started using your name ---if you wanna send me your snail mail addy to my e acct of pig DOOT latin ART gmail DOOT com, I'll try to send something your way as thanks) to get iTunes to find the path.

So. Unless I thoroughly and permanently befouled the RSS feed as iTunes reads it, this may not be my fault--everything I can find online seems consistent that iTunes is taking a longer and longer time to update its feed.  And, in fact, last night, when I uploaded this podcast, the URL I put in to manually ping iTunes to update the feed no longer seems to work at all.  All of which is to say:  there may be some slight delays in getting this sucker to you but we'll keep working on it.

Like, right now for example!  I waited to post this until ep. 26.1 showed up in iTunes and it is there.  If you have troubles finding it, the B.D. Montgomery method should work, as well as the right clicking update.  There may be a delay for the UK or International accounts, I'm not sure.

But!  If you want to hear Graeme and I talk about Siege, Dark Avengers, Lex Luthor, Flashpoint and Hot Pursuit, Joe Staton, Don Heck, and the webcomics Bucko by Jeff Parker and Erika Moen and Gingerbread Girl by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover?  You should be able to do so, either there or right here, right now:

Wait, What? Ep. 26.1: Catch Us if You Can

You may note the return of the ".1" in our ep title--we gabbed so much last week that we decided to cut it into two parts.  So there'll be another update in a day or two!  (Or three, maybe, but really probably two...)

We hope you enjoy, thanks for listening, and a big thanks to everyone who continue to chime in in the always-read, always-appreciated comments!