What's wrong with this picture?

[Apart from the fact the only stuff I've posted on a comics review blog lately is this pictures, a movie review, and a shill about my garage sale?]

I'd opine there's something wrong with throwing these books in a quarter bin. Some of them are too recent, most of them are too expensive, and a few of them are just too good to get thrown into a big long box and let go for a quarter.

This is exactly the kind of hopping-blind anxiety I go through for the annual garage sale: usually, I start out by worrying that nobody's gonna show if I'm not making some outrageously good deals (except Joe Keatinge and Chris French, who then go on to mock me); then I move through a stage of avarice where I go and pull the books that are surely worth a bajillion (which I then check on Ebay to find, most of the time, that if I hustle I might be able to sell the books at a profit... as long as I bill out my time at about ten cents an hour), then laziness sets in and I throw most of 'em back in the box, then despair, etc. It's quite the comic book passion play, with me moving through all the stages of the long box.

Anyway, these books are definitely going out--stuff I've since gotten in trade, stuff I read and enjoyed but realized I would never read again, stuff I thought was overhyped but might be a fun read for a quarter--and I've still got to make the call on many others (since I have Promethea, Preacher and The Invisibles in trade, why am I holding on to the singles?): there's gonna be a lot of fun early '80s junk, I'll have at least one bin of supercheap toys, a long box of trades, and about 25 PS2 games that are hitting the chopping block.

Again, that's this Saturday, from 9 to 4, at approximately this location (there's about eight dopes who pay extra to sell along Cortland rather than out of their garage, and I'm one of them. Of course, they usually don't let us know until the day before the sale, if then....) and I hope you can make it. If you know me and think you can make it, drop me a line and I'll put aside something for you.

Now, if you excuse me, I've got more sorting, hauling and panicking to do...