Wealth and fame, he's ignored -- Action is his reward!

Ben likes him some super-heroes. I've told you all about his absolute Superman fixation, but he's started branching out recently. Now he's also into Spider-Man.... or at least the theme song. After about the 10th time of singing it for him, with him singing along on the "'pider-man, 'pider-man!" parts, I got sick of it and decided to try and find it on the WWW.

Then I found this version, sung by a "Michael Buble", apparently released with the second Spidey movie -- kinda big band swingy version, as sung by an absolute Lounge Lizard -- it never made the final movie, I think? Dunno, I didn't sit through the end credits. Ben can watch this 6-8 times in a row, easy.

I get a big laugh out of it, especially because of the over-the-top stylings in the second half, and maybe you will too.