Spoilers Ahoy!

Spoiler the First: Please remember that because of the holiday weekend, CE (and other fine comic stores everywhere) will be getting new comics in on Thursday, not Wednesday.

Spoiler the Second: Unless someone in DC's marketing is being super-crafty, Batwoman's secret identity is spoiled in this story in the NY Times today which concerns itself with the concentrated effort on the part of DC to create (and Marvel to spotlight) more superheroes of color and sexual orientation. I was actually just thrilled to see the new Blue Beetle below the fold on the front page of the A&E section.

Spoiler the Third: I'm on vacation this week, which means that while, yeah, I probably will do reviews, I probably won't get to 'em until Tuesday again. (The missus has assured me she's got some work to do on Monday so if I'm feeling inspired, maybe I'll get to 'em then.) So this isn't really a spoiler, unless you consider visiting our site ten or fifteen extra times to see if we've updated an activity worth spoiling.

Oh, and I fixed the tags, finally. Funny about that Firefox/IE thing, huh?