Some reviews of 1/19 stuff

I'm double-plus overbusy this week -- I haven't even finished reading this week's books! Ben's getting to be a real handful -- willful as all get out (that's my boy!), and in everything all the time. He might possibly be learning the word "no", though. We think he knows when he's doing the wrong thing, he gets this little gleam in his eye, and wags his finger at us, then goes and does whatever it was he shouldn't have been doing.

So this is why I have so little time these days. I'm desperate to get back and finish my rewrite of my novel that got put off because Ben was born -- but I just don't see HOW to get back to it while he's a little terror who is just a little too young to play by himself.

Anyway, so that's why this review thing is kinda not here this week for me.

I do want to say this: Watch BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on Sci-Fi. Really killer show. I never was a fan of the original, and I only watched the middle of the pilot last year, but Bennett got the DVD and made me watch it and the first 2 episodes of the series, and I'm damn glad he did.

God, it's nice to have some quality science fiction on the air again, after all of these barren years.

If anything it reminds me of DS9 during the dominion war. Arc based storytelling, strong characters, desperate situation. It's Ron Moore, so that's probably why.

It has flaws, yes (I don't really like the Sexy Cylon chick), and it gets notes wrong here and there, but overall, it is a terrific show, and you should jump right in. Thankfully it is Sci-Fi, so you know you'll be able to get caught up in rerun pretty fast.

As for this week's comics....within what I've manged to read this week (about 60%), I think I'll go with POWERS #8 as my PICK OF THE WEEK, not because it was an exceptional issue, but because there really wasn't much else this week. I also liked the end of BULLSEYES GREATEST HITS #5 more than I thought I would.

PICK OF THE WEAK? Probably a three-way tie between FREEDOM FORCE #1 (I already played the game -- several times in fact, it's terrific! -- who wants a literal retelling?) ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #71 (each of these team ups has stank more than the one before. I think the book has leapt the rails) and WANTED #6 (I expected something more clever than that last page. Don't know what, but I did.) But then, I didn't read a LOT of stuff, man.

The BOOK / TP OF THE WEEK easilly goes to EX MACHINA THE FIRST HUNDRED DAYS. We sold out of 7 rack copies in the first day, I was stunned!

And that, for what it is worth, is that!