Last Freakin' Garage Sale Update...

Because tomorrow is the big sale, and at the moment I'm trying to figure out if I should put prices on some of these odds and ends, like memory cards and stuff, or if that's just dumb. I'm really, really glad there are people like Hibbs who can do what they do, because if I was running a comic book store? It'd make it maybe a year, tops. I mean, I was glad to spend three bucks on the seventh issue of Shanna so I can now bag it with the other issues and sell the whole set tomorrow for six bucks. That's a hard thing to type knowing Brian is going to fall off his chair laughing when he reads it, but it's true. Another step I'm taking to make sure the whole realm of financial dumb-assedness is covered are trade paperbacks. I'm not actually selling that many of them, between fifty and sixty tops, but I'm pricing them at $3.00 apiece or 5 for $10. Some of this includes manga I didn't much care for (seeya, Heat Guy J!) but also some that I dearly love (seeya, first two volumes of Tezuka's Black Jack!), as well as stuff like Swamp Thing: Love and Death, Flash: The Death of Barry Allen, two different Jim Mahfood Grrl Scouts trades, Jack Staff, Stray Bullets, and others. I'm trying to make a garage sale that I've always wanted to go to and, apart from that one where I bought a hardcover first volume of Love & Rockets for a dollar, never have. Hopefully, some of you will want to attend as well.

Okay. So for the last time: This Saturday, the 13th, from 9:00 to 5:00 at 3225 Folsom Street, 94110. Edi said the tiny URL ( of the googlemap was inexact but it's still working fine for me. I planned out the trip on Muni through and you can see that list of what Bart and Muni busses to catch at In an earlier comments thread, pal Dave Robson also suggested either catching the J Church to Cesar Chavez and then hiking or bussing his way along that to Folsom, or catching the 22 to Folsom and then catching the 12. He says that should work, and I have no reason to doubt him.

Reviews on my end may be spotty but I figure I'll post something by Monday morning. I spent most of the day reading Alex Robinson's Tricked and maybe I'll be able to say a thing or two about my reaction to it then. But mainly I hope to be hanging out and selling comic books, and I hope I'll see some of you tomorrow.

And as I said previously, you can write me at pig.latin AT if you have any questions you don't want to leave in comments.

Thanks and have a good weekend!