Hooray for Pointless Shilling: Jeff Talks Garage Sale.

My intention was to be back by now with a surly review, a sweeping overview, and some general sass talk, but one of the freelance jobs I've been doing since leaving CE keeps expanding and expanding, and blotting out all my free time. But! I did want to make those of you who follow the blog that my annual garage sale is coming up on SATURDAY, AUGUST 18th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights.

Those of you who follow the blog or shop the store will probably remember previous years where I breathlessly blabbed about what I was selling, posted photos, and just generally begged people to show. I may actually be too busy to do that this time around (and it's not like this site is starved for content these days) but I may give you at least one picture post as I get closer to the actual date.

Because Joe Keatinge and Chris French did such a masterful job of cleaning me out last year (both years, in fact), I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna have as wide a selection as previous years. But I know I'm going to be letting go all my uncollected Walking Dead issues, probably all of my issues of 52 (I've got 52 of 'em, but whether or not I can actually find them all is another matter), stuff I talked myself into buying and regretted later (hello, City of Others!), assorted Kirby stuff I've since collected (some of the New Gods and Jimmy Olsen stuff I don't need now that I have the Omnibus, a bunch of old "Marvel Comics Presents" reprints)...all of it for a quarter apiece (or twenty cents apiece if you buy ten or more, I think). I've still got a lot of digging to do, so there'll probably be more on top of that, but that's what I'm thinking of for starters.

Additionally, I'll have manga, trades, action figures and toys, some DVDs and a freakin' buttload of cheap PS2 games since I put that electronic crack pipe in storage a few months ago. Since I no longer work at CE and pick up any number of crazy-ass things on a whim, this may be my last hurrah so if it sounds tempting you should go.

And with that, I'll return you to regularly scheduled reviewing blog and get myself set up for my 3:00 meeting. Remember, Saturday, August 18, Cortland Avenue, 9:00-4:00. It'll be worth your while.