DId I say Tuesday?

I kinda forgot that I had to photocopy ONOMATOPOEIA today (like in, it's 11:30, and I reach into my bag to get this week's invoice to set up, and I'm thiking "why is this so thick? Ohhhhhhhh fuck.") Then, when the truck shows up, its a new driver (cue the trumpet player "wahWAH!"), whoi tells me they give him the truck without the lift gate ("..."), and, no his only obligation is to get the boxes to the curb, not to get them inside the store ("....!")

Of course, it's 1 at that point, and Rob isn't due in until 2, so I have to haul Five Store's worth of funny book boxes (approx 1600 pounds the ladeling bill says) all by my lonesome.

So, reviews tomorrow. Maybe Thanksgiving at the latest.