Crimes and Misdemeanors

So last week I posted the picture of all the comics that had accrued during my honeymoon. This week, I'm posting a picture of all the books I picked up just last week. Kinda criminal how similar the two pictures are, aren't they? But what's really criminal is that I didn't take the time to review FINDER #38 last week. I've been a fan of this book for a long, long time but kinda stopped paying attention when I missed the jumping on point for "The Kidnappers" arc.

Well, that arc is over, and this is a great self-contained issue about crazy chicks. Oh, sure, it says "Part One," but it stands fine on its own with a lovely little anecdote about the things that are important to men and women--like cake, for example.

Anyway, this was Very Good work and you should come 'round to the shop and pick up a copy. Or you can go to Speed's website and read it online if you're cheap...and very patient: She's putting up the issue at the rate of two pages a week. Either way, well worth your time. Posted by Picasa