I don't think I've mentioned here that Ben and Tzipora are off in Israel to visit Tzipora's parents -- they've been gone for 11 days now (yes, during my birthday and Father's Day), and I still have 17 days alone to go.

I've been starting to get depressed over the last few days -- I've done all the cleaning chores, and blown through the laughs to be had in doing what I want when I want, and now I'm just feeling lonely and desperately wanting to hold my wife and child in my arms.

We're talking every day, via Skype, which certainly helps in seeing their faces and all (I'm able to keep reading to Ben nearly every day -- we just started book 12 of A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS), but, still, this is getting to be harder than I thought it would be, earlier on.

Working every day AND having to do all of the cooking/cleaning/shopping/whatever is also a big shift. Call me a big 'ol baby, but I haven't been single... well, since I was like 17 (and I'm 42 now), so I don't really know what being a bachelor is like, and I find myself getting exhausted, both physically and emotionally, earlier every day.

See, I sorta thought when they were gone I'd have MORE time for posting and stuff, but, perversely, it seems like I have LESS, and by the end of each day I just want to sit there and veg out. *sigh*

Anyway, if I seem gloomy (or, maybe more gloomy than normal), that's the reason...

Reviews... Let's get started! (Hm, of course I just got the call the truck is coming in under 30 minutes while I started typing, so let's see where I get)

RICHARD STARK'S PARKER: THE HUNTER HC: One of the rare perks of owning a comics shop is getting advance copies of stuff. Super-generally I don't bother reviewing any of it before the books actually arrive in the store (why get people all excited if they can't do anything about it), but I'm more than willing to make an exception in this case.

Damn, was that EXCELLENT.

I mean, no surprise, right? Darwyn Cooke is obviously a major talent, and this kind of gritty period piece is absolutely playing to the core of his strengths, but the main thing is that you can SEE it is a labor of love, that his heart and soul is there on every page.

I love the wonderful two-tone art, the character designs, the choreography, and just everything about it. This is a major work from a major talent and deserves a very prominent place on your book shelf when it comes out at the end of next month. Hell, buy two, you must have a friend who could get into this, too.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #600: Y'know, no matter what I have to say about this as a retailer who is watching out for my rights, it DID sell well, and it was a good solid value at 100 pages. The main story was, perhaps, a little too set-up-y for REBORN, but I quite liked the Stern and Waid stories, and the Golden Age reprint was a hoot (though, really, why was the Red Skull wearing a rising sun on his chest for half the story? That was weird). If every comic gave that kind of story value, no one would be bitching about comics prices... a solid GOOD.

Oh, frack, the truck is here already. More, I hope, tomorrow...

What did YOU think?