Wait, What? Ep. 55.2: Press 1 for Yes, 2 for No

Photobucket And we're back with big finale of the podcast we recorded twice and edited twice (and, in a fine bit of "oh, ha-ha-ha, where's my magical suicide gun?", I had to write this entry twice because the first one got wiped out, ha-ha-ha, no really, where is it?). Included in this installment's topics are The Trial of the Flash Showcase, Flashpoint #5, Thor: The Motion Picture, Flashpoint #5, the first volume of Bakuman, Fighting American and the Newsboy Legion, Flashpoint #5, Kid Eternity, the marketing of Schism, and the comic event that is not Fear Itself #5.

This embarrassment of riches (or, alternately, embarrassment, depending on how you feel about these things) is available to you on iTunes and also right here in this very fine blog entry that will make me lose my mind if it crashes out again before I can schedule it:

Wait, What? Ep. 55.2: Press 1 for Yes 2 for No

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Wait, What? Ep. 55.1: The Second Time as Farce

Photobucket You see before you a burnt-out husk of a man.

Oh, wait. You can't see me? Whoops.

But! If you could see me, you would see before you a burnt-out husk of a man. Not only did Graeme and I record two full hours of ep. 55 before learning that my computer hadn't recorded it, not only did we then record it again, but I managed to lose several hours worth of editing so I had to do that all over as well. Maybe there's a lesson in there to be learned about time travel, or about Flashpoint #5, or Justice League #1 (all of which we discuss in this installment, for almost an hour) but I'd like to think the lesson to really be learned is this: apparently when you post on the Internet, people really can't see you while you're doing it. (If I'd known that sooner, I never would've bothered putting on pants...

Anyway, Ep. 55 is in full effect over at iTunes and you can hear instalment 1 right here, if that's the kind of thing that swings your cat:

Wait, What? Ep. 55.1: The Second Time as Farce

As always, we hope you enjoy. Tune in again shortly for our dramatic conclusion, and keep those cards and letters coming to waitwhatpodcast@gmail.com.  They help us get through those lean, mean nights when all our edits from our first go-round are lost.

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