Under the radar

I am a big fan of Javier Pulido, and you might be too?  So consider this a Public Service Announcement because I own a comic book store and do very little every day than think about how to order comic books, and somehow my brain, as well as the brain's of my two store managers, didn't process the fact that Pulido wrote and drew the ninth issue of the otherwise largely-a-waste-of-trees GUARDIANS TEAM-UP.  Star-Lord and Spider-Man, and other guest stars and a really funny bit with a major Marvel organization... and I don't really want to spoil anything because there was a lot to love in this issue. There's an AMAZING three-page sequence, set in a night club, and totally silent (because it is so loud) -- here's just one page of it, and it really show you that Pulido *gets* comics.


You're probably not buying this comic... and I wouldn't recommend the SERIES (at all), but this one issue?  A must-buy if you like Pulido, or classic Marvel team-up comics (this is really the best issue of MARVEL TEAM-UP I've ever read), this baby is for you.  It is really EXCELLENT.


The other thing I am oddly liking this week is ULTIMATE END by Bendis and Bagley -- this is the best DC "Crisis on Earth n" comic that I've read in decades.  But the bit that I really like is subtle and quiet and that's how each meeting earth has its own font -- the "Ultimate Universe" characters with thier mixed-case font, and the... well, it isn't precisely clear what the non-UU Ultimate characters are from, but they use a more traditional "616" font.  It's a neat effect.


I think ULTIMATE END is a GOOD comic.

As always, what do YOU think?