Getting there

Two more posts should clear this week's comics.... RUNAWAYS #17: Terrific issue -- just about everyone seems to get what is coming to them, which is more of a relief than I can say. Very Good.

BLUE MONDAY: PAINTED MOON #2: Woo hoo -- 32 pages about masturbation! Fear teh pR0n! (OK, that's only funny if you were hanging around CE on Friday night, but trust me, it was hysterical) Very Good.

THE GRAY AREA #2: Solid enough, though it seems just a smidge half-baked of a premise. Lots of words too. Lots and lots. Overwhelming more than one page. And... it's a little expensive at $3.95. Can;t work up better than an OK.

THOR #83: I have a hard time reading an entire issue written in "thor font". That makes a great contrast against "regular" speech balloons, but it looks pretty ass if that's all you have. It's like putting comics that take place wholly in a foreign tongue in < >. *shudder*. Other than that, this was kinda Eh. Don't really care about Asgard and Ragnarok.

TRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GOD #10: Good stuff, if a little drawn out -- since we know Tom goes to PR, all the psycho blather about "oh, hurting my family!" seems pretty self-absorbed. He's a nice clean cartoonist though, and the central love story is pretty touching, so OK.

WILDCATS 3.0 #24: Punch hit 'splode. And a big deux at the end. Still, I thought the very last page was kind of lovely and sincere, so let's end this on a Good.

BALLAD OF SLEEPING BEAUTY #2: The FCBD BSB was the big surprise of that day -- only one of the entire batch that made me say, "More! Now!". And, of course, several other people thought that, and I sold out of #1 before I got a chance to read it. But I was still looking forward to #2... but, meh, very little of the charm and suspense of the FCBD comic was evident here, becoming much more of a standard western cliche narrative. Nice art, and the $1.99 price is great, but, I can;t work up much more than an Eh for this.

QUEEN & COUNTRY #26: Solid issue and more stuff "happens" than is normal for this series -- look, action! (mostly) -- and there's a genuinely suspenseful moment there at the end. I like the usual more cerebral adventures, but this was a great turn, too. Very Good.

Less than a dozen books to go... hopefully you'll have those tomorrow!