Wait, What? Ep. 59.1: Only in Our Dreams

Photobucket It's true: this is indeed the podcast installment where you will hear Graeme and I talk about Debbie Gibson (or Deborah, if you prefer), Tiffany, and New Kids on the Block, along with Frank Miller's Holy Terror and Grant Morrison's Invisibles. I'd like to try and deny that Graeme and I came up with a marvelous piece of speculative audio fanfic showing how NKOTB were, in fact, an early '90s Invisibles cell....but I can't.

(That said? We didn't, don't worry.)

How does that saying go: sometimes we don't get the podcast we want, we get the podcast we need? That's not really applicable here but it's a fun sentence to type, certainly.  And it's not even one-tenth the fun you'll have listening to Wait, What? Ep. 59.1, be it through the magic of iTunes, or the rheumy prestidigation of this site:

Wait, What? Ep. 58.1: Only In Our Dreams

Ep. 59.2 is right around the corner, don't worry.  And, as always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!